Ukraine Appeal

People in Motion are so saddened to see the horrifying situation in Ukraine. After liaising with other charities we feel the best course of action is to send monetary aid and to not collect donations of clothing etc to support people displaced by war.

We have made the decision to supprt Refugee Support Europe having worked with and seen the wonderful dignified work they have carried out in other areas. They are going to Romania and Moldova to help with the humanitarian emergency facing people leaving Ukraine The numbers crossing this border to safety is rising fast . Many are very vulnerable and there is less support in this region. Along with assessing needs in the area they will be serving hot food daily. Your donations will go to supporting the kitchen and their work while also putting money into a struggling community recieving high volumes of displaced people.

You can donate via PayPal putting the reference Ukraine and all monies will be forwarded to Refugee Support Europe.

Together we can make a difference.